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Focused, Transparent Leadership.

Why I’m Running

Hello and welcome to a future where our state government is focused, transparent, and locally controlled.

THANK YOU for creating jobs, educating your children, volunteering in our communities, and spending your time and tax dollars to support and improve our quality of life in the Land of 10,000 Taxes. 

If you live, work, or shop in these communities;  Inver Grove Heights, Sunfish Lake, Lilydale, West Saint Paul, or Mendota Heights I want to hear from you regarding how our state government works or where it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Taxpayers are not only the source of dollars but also customers who deserve excellent customer service. If you stood in line this year to renew your driver’s license or scrambled to secure day care for your children while our schools managed coronavirus exposure then elect me to work for you at the state capitol. 

While I am blessed with energy, ideas, and job skills to drive changes in St. Paul I won’t be able to work for you unless we win on November 8, 2022.

Let’s get to work,  


Todd Kruse
State Representative Candidate
House District 53A – Inver Grove Heights, Lilydale, Mendota Heights, Sunfish Lake, and West Saint Paul


About Todd

After working in a factory to pay for college my education and career experiences shaped my worldview that while governments play vital roles in society they far too often waste money and even harm our quality of life.   

While the majority of my career has been based in Minnesota I have also worked across the USA, Canada, and the European Union. After my study tours of the former Soviet Union and Taiwan right after they lifted martial law it was clear to me that government central planning often harms the pursuit of happiness.  This harm was very clear to me when I was teaching civics education after the genocidal war in Bosnia.  

Professionally I have a wide range of experience including:

  • Political campaign staff
  • Telecommunications/Economic Development
  • Strategic Planning for businesses and trade associations
  • Teaching PSEO/high school students and state prison inmates
  • Managing a factory
  • Employee training
  • Working with manufacturers creating jobs in the USA

These business experiences created volunteer opportunities for me including being elected board president of a Main Street community development program and serving on Minnesota’s Broadband Advisory Task Force.  Locally I have taught PSEO students at Inver Hills College,  served as a Scout leader, volunteered for sports booster clubs, and previously served on the board of advisors at Friends of the Mississippi River.

On the Issues

As your representative, I will leverage my career experience and connections to focus on these issues…
Crime and Community

Our local police officers, paramedics, and emergency room professionals are overburdened because of today’s lawlessness. Our area needs to further leverage our service clubs, religious organizations, chambers of commerce, and professional associations to mobilize more volunteers for youth sports, literacy tutoring, student internships, and summer work opportunities. Membership dues and related expenses incurred by volunteers should be fully tax deductible.

Restructuring Government

As a monopoly our state government isn’t very responsive to changes in society unlike the business community which must innovate and provide excellent customer service to survive in the marketplace. Every state department, commission, board, and advisory group should be subject to a “sunset provision” to justify its existence, mission, and budget (unless mandated by our state constitution).

Financial Transparency

Minnesota has 2,000+ government entities which spend our tax dollars so I will work to expand the state’s current spending transparency website to include local governments.  See my work on this topic here.


Minnesota’s education system needs reform and a little revolution which would empower students, parents, and teachers to innovate, compete, and succeed versus simply feeding the beast which is our current education-industrial complex. Read more about my stance on education here.


Government officials expect households and businesses to reduce our impact on the environment but too often don’t apply the same expectation to government. As your representative, I will advocate a moratorium on the construction of, or the leasing of additional office space, for government functions.